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·        Finding water damage without leaks: Just because your roof isn't leaking does not mean it's safe. Sometimes roofs may be on the brink of collapse, yet do not have spots where dripping is occurring. Our professional roofers can check for continual dampness, rotten mold or algae between shingles, and soft spots in your roof deck as well as leaks.

·        Saving money on emergencies: If you have a routine inspection of your roof, you can guarantee lots of savings over time. Instead of disaster suddenly striking when you least expect it, you will be able to forestall major emergencies of total roof replacement by making immediate minor repairs.

·        Peace of mind under a long-living roof: You can trust the roof over your head to actually last when you have careful maintenance and inspections. Rest easy in knowing that the life of your roof, as well as the rest of your house, are safe and secure.

Weather-beaten Roof


Though rain is usually received joyfully in this desert climate, it is not a fun experience if your roof happens to need repairs. While it may be fun to be caught out in the storm for a few moments, we all would much prefer to listen to the soothing tapping of raindrops from inside the warm and dry comfort of our homes. In contrast, running around emptying buckets, frantically trying to keep our house from flooding on account of a leaking roof, is enough to turn the blessing of rain into an unlucky curse.


To keep your home from suffering the havoc and destruction of water damage, you need to make sure your roof is in stellar condition long before problems occur. But how can you tell that your roof is in trouble before the storm hits? Simply look for quality roof inspections. At ATK Roofing, we offer the only sure way of knowing your house is safe and leak-free before the thunder starts.

New Home Owners


Before you purchase your new home, this is one of the most important inspections to ensure your investment in your new home is safe.

Water Damage Repair


You may be wondering whether a full roof inspection is necessary. After all, couldn't you just wait until the next rain hits to discover whether your roof needs to be repaired or replaced? While this is certainly an option, it is not the smartest one. Delaying in caring for your roof could lead to extensive damage, necessitating repairs or even replacement. Having routine, careful roof inspections are a sure way of being certain your roof is safe and strong.

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